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TCM Physician Treat Gastric Pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

TCM  Physician Treat Gastric Pain, Bloatedness, Flatulence,Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS

Many patients have gastric problem, gastric pain, bloatedness, flatulence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS.  Many adults are more prone to Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS. Many of them have seen Western doctors for some months/years and are taking Omeprazole, Antacid, Zantac.  Patients who came to see our TCM physicians for such problem usually complained of stomach discomfort, flatulence, heat sensation or discomfort/blockage in the centre of their upper abdomen. Those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) told me that they often have to run to the toilet immediately after meals. There are some who feel stomach discomfort when they are hungry or stomach pain after a meal. Through colonoscopy, some were diagnosed with having excessive acid in their stomachs. In some cases, they are diagnosed to have H.Pylori.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) adopts many ways to treat gastric problems. We administer acupuncture, expel air/wind using cupping method. We also prescribe herbal medicine for the patients. At the same, we tell them to refrain from eating spicy and oily food, hard nuts (peanuts), alcohol, cold drinks, yellow noodle, chocolate etc. We advise them to take blander and easily digestible food. For those who have serious gastric problems, we even advise them to drink mineral water during the occurrence period. We also tell them the cause of gastric problem is due to poor eating habits over the past years.

There was a case of a bank manager around 45 years old who told me that he had very bad gastric problem. He said he had been seeing his western doctor for 4~5 years but his condition did not get better. He came to see me because his colleagues from China told him that he should see a Chinese physician for his type of problem. They told him that TCM is good in treating chronic gastric problem. He told me that his stomach always had wind and he often burped and let off gas. He said that when he attended company meetings and needed to participate in the discussions, he felt that he could not speak too much as whenever he did so, he felt a gush of gas coming up to his throat and made him difficult to talk. He also told me that whenever he raised his voice to reprimand his staff for doing something wrong, he immediately felt that there was a gush of gas coming up from his abdomen to his throat. He said that he was very sensitive to a lot of food and felt very embarrassed whenever he was choosy on food when going out in a group for lunch. He came to see me and had two courses of acupuncture treatment with cupping (one course=10 sessions). He was also prescribed herbal medicine. As his condition gradually improved, he faithfully underwent two courses. At the end of the treatment, he was happy to find his gastric problem cured.

 I also have a few cases where the patients told me that they often felt a gush of gas coming up to their throat and often burp. Some of them told me that they burped non-stop. Strangely, when I did cupping and acupuncture for them, they immediately stopped burping. I told them that they have to come back for a few more sessions for a long term cure.

For patients who suffer chronic gastric problem, I would analyze their conditions and ask them a few questions as follows:
1)      When they were hungry, do they have to find food immediately to ease their discomfort in their stomach?
2)      Do they have stomach pain after food or they cannot eat too full?
3)      Do they need to run to the toilet after food?
4)      Do they feel discomfort/blockage in the centre of their chest after food?
5)      Do they have heat or cooling sensation in the stomach area (left abdomen)?

I will then prescribe them the appropriate Chinese medicine and also give them a course of acupuncture treatment. Through my personal experience, I found that those patients who came for one to two courses of acupuncture treatment together with oral herbal medicine showed a great deal of improvement. 

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Dr. Ong Swee Ling

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