Friday, 18 November 2011

TCM cure diabetic wound on the leg

Last month, I had a patient, an 87 years old lady.  She was brought in by her daughter.  She complained of a big wound on her left foot.  She has been suffering from diabetes for 20 years. She said she went to a Chinese Physician who did 火罐 (a kind of cupping with fire) on her leg. After that a big blister developed on her foot.  When the blister burst, it became a big wound.  The wound had yellow pus in it. I measured the wound--it was 7½ x 3½ cm.  I told them I was not willing to treat her in case the wound worsen and she might have to go for amputation.  They were disappointed. So I told them I would treat her for 12 days. If the wound got dry and smaller, I would continue with the treatment. But if the wound got bigger, then they would have to seek help from a hospital. I also told the patient that she should control her diabetes in the meantime and she had to be very careful with her wound and she need to wear a shoe that would not rub on her wound. The daughter went to shop for such a pair of shoes and after much effort she got a pair of suitable shoes for her mother. I treated the patient with acupuncture, cleaning and dressing of her wound, apply external medicine and prescribing Chinese herbal medicine. After 12 days the wound got smaller. She continued to come to see me every four day.  The wound became smaller each time she saw me. After one month the wound separated into two smaller parts, one was 2½ x 1cm and the other was 2½ x 1½ cm. Another half month later, the wound eventually healed.

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