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Testimonials and Reviews of the effectiveness of our TCM Treatment

Testimonials and Reviews of the effectiveness of our TCM Treatment and of our TCM Physicians

Testimonial 1:
I had eczema for almost 25 years and have seen western doctors and dermatologists off and on for the last 25 years.

I was actually very disheartened because my eczema seemed to get worse over the years. My eczema started from my hands and legs,  slowly it spread to my body and soles.  My soles were dry and cracked. I had to tip-toe or walked on my heel as my soles were very painful when I walked.  Now it even spread to my face. As I was in sales and need to meet customers every day. When it got worse, I cried. I was desperately looking for cure.  Fortunately, my friend introduced me to Dr. Ong Swee Ling of Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd.  I was treated by her and her colleague TCM physician Wu Muzhen and Yan Yanhua.  They were diligently attended to me, treated me with acupuncture, medicine and herbal creams. They told me that the clinic do not prescribed steroid and the creams also do not have steroid content.

I faithfully went for treatment for every week. After one month, I could feel that the heat in my body was lessen, the redness on my face disappeared and my eczema was getting better. I noticed that the  lesions on my fingers which was oozing on and off had stopped and began to from scabs.

I had full faith and confidence in their treatment and continued to go there for treatment as I wanted total recovery from my stubborn eczema.  The TCM physicians told me that they must treat eczema sufferers internally and externally in order for them to get well and be rid of eczema in the future.

I now recovered from eczema and feel less tired, less dry and more energetic.  I also can concentrate on my desk work better.

Thanks to TCM physician Dr. Ong Swee Ling,  Wu Muzhen, Yan Yanhua for their thoroughness, earnestness in attending to me.  I am grateful to them as I think it is really miracle that I could get well in three months with such a serious skin disease.

Here I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to TCM physician Dr. Ong Swee Ling,  Wu Muzhen, Yan Yanhua to the recovery of my long term eczema problem.

Desmond Kang
 06 April 2017


Testimonial 2
I had eczema since I was a kid and I had it for the last 30 years. My parents brought me to see western general practitioner and they prescribed steroid cream for me. After a few years, my eczema got worse and I had it all over my body, hands, fingers, legs and thighs.  My skin was very dry and flaky.  My mother had to sweep the floor every day and told me that she could gather as much as half a bowl of dry flakes.

My mother was very concerned, she brought me to see a TCM physicians. My eczema did not get well in fact it flared up after taking Chinese medicine. They told my mother that the medicine was to clear the toxin and the flare-up was expected. My eczema did not get well at all. It still came on and off for about four months.  So, we tried another two TCM Physicians and yet my eczema and the redness did not subside. I felt very itchy at night and could not sleep at night due to the intense  itchiness.

I was introduced by a colleague whose eczema was healed after seeing Dr. Ong Swee Ling of Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd.  I was actually quite unwilling to try one more Chinese physician as my eczema did not get well at all.  However, my itchiness was very intense so I ultimately gave this TCM clinic a try.

To my surprise, I had a very good impression of the way and attitudes the TCM physicians shown me. They were very confident that they could heal eczema. They consoled us and told us that we must have patience and shared with us that they have treated many eczema, psoriasis, hives patients over 20 years and these groups of patients had recovered from their skin problem.

They assured us that their clinic do not prescribe steroid and all their creams are herbal base.  Somehow after seeing them, I had confidence that they could heal my eczema. So I continued to go for their treatment and could see the skin improvement gradually.  During the treatment, they continued to give me encouragement and assured me that I could get well.

Eventually, after about two to three months, I was able to be rid of eczema.  However, my eczema marks were still there.  They prescribed a kind of cream to reduce the pigmentation of my eczema marks.

I wish to recommend those who have eczema to give this clinic and their TCM physicians a try.

I also with to thank the TCM physicians in this clinic for helping me to be rid of my stubborn eczema.
Irene Wong


Testimonial 3

I started treatment at Yong Kang Medical Hall in April 2017. I was never a believer of Chinese medicine but a hurting and swollen knee that lasted for more than a year brought me here. 

Initially I was sceptical about how effective it would be but to my joy and happiness the pain subsided almost completely after a month. 

Now apart from the inflamed knee I also suffer from Wilson's Disease. In a nutshell my body is unable to get rid of copper and for 26 years this copper was slowly accumulating in my brain. This then affected my mobility. Slowly, I  my muscles were very stiff and I needed help from my parents to hold me when I walked.

So having seen the success of the healed inflamed knee I agreed to let myself get treated here. After 5 months of treatment, my neurologist could see a vast improvement in my muscles.

The physicians at Yong Kang Medical Hall also asked me to abstain from cold drinks! At first I was really reluctant but I've not had an icy drink since May 2017. My acupuncture sessions helped/improved my mobility and the tuina (拨筋j疗法)were a lot more tolerable once I cut off cold drinks. 

So overall I find myself in a much better state than 13 months ago! Thanks to the love, care and treatment by the physicians at Yong Kang Medical Hall. 

15 May 2018


The information and recommendation in this blog are true to the best of my knowledge. There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary depending on individual cases.

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Dr. Ong Swee Ling

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