Thursday, 15 September 2011

TCM Clinic in Singapore Treat Sprain & Leg Injury

TCM Clinic in Singapore --  Herbal Plastering for Sprain & Injury 跌打损伤

Come to Yong Kang Medical Hall at Telok Blangah if you sprain your leg or wrist, we can do massage, acupuncture and herbal plastering for you.... this can speed up the healing process!

My clinic is situated in a HDB heartland area. Almost every day, there are people coming to see me complaining of sprained injury…either  people sprained their leg during soccer game or running to catch a bus or have tennis elbow after golfing or had a fall when walking down the staircases etc.  Very often when their legs were swollen, they would apply oilment and massage their legs themselves. Sometimes the injured parts may become worse and get more swollen. When these people come, I will first check if you have fracture or ligament torn. Then I will do acupuncture on them and then give them herbal plastering and “铁打Tie Da” medicine.  I tell them the herbal plastering can be taken off after 3 hours.  Normally, if they do not have fracture or torn ligament, it takes about three sessions (about three days) to get well.  Upon examination, if I suspect that there is bone fracture, I will refer them to hospital and advise them to have an X-ray taken. But if they have slight ligament torn (which can be cured by itself), I will tell them to bandage the injured part every day and walk less. 

Here are some of the pictures of the injuries I have treated:

For those who have a fracture and a casting has been done on them, we can give them some 铁打Tie Da” medicine which can help the bone to heal faster and when the casting is taken off, the injured part of the limbs can be very stiff, so we can give them one or two sessions of acupuncture and herbal plastering to help them recover faster.  

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