Thursday, 25 August 2011

TCM Clinic in Singapore treat Leg Injury Ankle Sprain

TCM Clinic in Singapore treat Leg Injury-- a patient with a torn ligament

In June, 2011, a female patient, age 34, came to see me because she had a fall and sprained her left ankle.  Her left leg was very swollen.  After a few treatment of acupuncture and herbal plastering, she was better. Unfortunately, she fell again on the same spot, this time the injury was worse than the last time.  Her leg ligament was torn and as a result she needed a surgery to mend the ligaments and a cast to be placed to hold her leg better.  She wore her cast for about 5 weeks. After the cast was taken off, she was not able to walk for one day.  She came to see me the next day, complaining that her leg was still swollen and also very stiff. After 3 treatment of massage, acupuncture, herbal plastering and with some herbal oral medication, she was well again.

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