Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Recipes Published in Lainhe Wanbao

On 4th July 2009, I was scheduled to give a talk in Tanjong Pagar Community Centre at Cantonment Road. The topic of the talk was on eye diseases: "中医对白内障、青光眼、老年性黄斑病变及夜盲症的诊治". One of the journalists from the SPH noticed the announcement of the talk on the 联合早报. She was actually looking for a TCM physician who can help in writing an article in one of her magazine “1UW”. She interviewed me in my clinic and I provided some information on some eye diseases (she needed some information from the TCM points of views).  The article was published in “1UW” No. 188 series dated 13 July 2009. The Name of the article was “新加坡常见眼睛疾病”. During her interview with me, I mentioned to her that cooking is also my hobby and showed her some of my recipes which I organized in a book. She was impressed and invited me to write for Lianhe Wanbao联合晚报 on a weekly basis and I agreed.

Until to-date, I have already written 117 recipes for Lianhe Wanbao联合晚报 and they were published on Sundays from 2nd Aug 2009 to 2nd Dec 2012.

You may read all the cooking recipes from my other blogspot: 

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