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Success cases for Infertility by TCM Physician Recommend with Stars TCM Clinic

Success cases for Infertility by TCM Physician Recommend with Stars TCM Clinic 

On 1 Mar 2018, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Josephine Teo revealed that Singapore's total fertility rate (TFR) dropped to 1.16 in 2017.  

There seems to have more couples having infertility issues.  Most of the infertility women who came to see me were about 33 to 40 years of age. Some of these infertility women have already one child but are not able to have a second child for years. There were some who had miscarriages 2~3 times while the others had no child at all. Some of these infertility women had tried IVF but unsuccessful. There was one case where an woman who was 43½ years old had a baby through IVF and wanted to have another baby at the age of 45. She told me doctors of IVF department are not willing to treat any patient who has infertility issue over 45 years of age.

A couple who came to see our TCM physician for infertility problem in our clinic. The wife was 37½ yrs old while the husband was 39 years old. They were married for 7 years. The wife had two miscarriages, one in 2005, another in 2007. She had tried IVF too but not successful. They came to see me for a last try. Both of them were very determined to give it one last try. I asked them about the husband's seminal test results and the wife menses conditions. I prescribed 3 months' of TCM infertility medicine for both of them. They took the TCM medicine faithfully. 

After three months, they came to see our TCM physician again.  This time they came with the wife’s mother. The mother came to see me for her knee pain and grumbled to me that the daughter had not conceived. The couple themselves was very nice and understanding. They never grumbled but expressed their wish to continue to take another 3 months' of TCM medicine. The wife told me that she observed that after taking our TCM medicine, her menses were more regular and had less blood coagulation.  

One year later, they surprised me by bringing their new born baby to my clinic. They told me the wife conceived in after taking 5 months of our TCM medicine and the baby was born nine months later

In this case, I would say the credit should go to the couple as they were really very determined to have a baby.  In most cases, infertility women are unable to conceive because their wombs are not strong, they tend to have miscarriages. This group of infertility women stand a good chance to have baby through TCM herbal medicine.


A man, age 33, came with his wife last year to see our TCM physicians. He said that they gynecologist said that his wife has no infertility issues and the problem was on him. He mentioned that National University Hospital had carried out a seminal appraisal test on him and found that the motility of the sperm was slow and the sperm count was also low. He was prescribed Vitamin E.  Then he went to KK Hospital to check his infertility issue also and he was prescribed Vigor-Ace Multi Vitamin and Tribestan.  After taking their medicine for some time, he went to National University Hospital to have his seminal appraisal test again and found that his sperm count went even lower to 2.9m.

Therefore, he wanted to try traditional Chinese Medicine. Our TCM physicians asked about his health condition.  He said occasionally he had back pain and easily awaken at night. Other than that he was healthy. We told him that he needed to take three months of TCM herbal medicine and he could go for seminal test again to see whether the parameters have improved or not. One month after taking our TCM medicine, he came and showed me the seminal report which was taken in National University Hospital. The result was good (see attached report, patient and Lab officer name had been blocked for privacy purpose).

PARAMETER                                RESULT                              WHO NORMS
Volume  (ml)                                               fr 2.9 to 4.1            ≥2.0
Concentration (x106/ml)                             fr 3.6 to 7.7            ≥20 x106/ml
Total sperm number (x106 /ejaculate)        fr 10.4 to 31.6        ≥40 x 106 /ejaculate
Motility (%)                                               fr 35 – 46             ≥50%(a)+ (b) or  ≥ 25%(a)
Vitality (% live)                                         fr 48 to 66            ≥50%


I was learning under a well-known professor in China, Chuan Zhou 泉州.  Her name is Zhong Xiu Mei 钟秀美教授. She was introduced by my mentor Professor Lee Kim Long李金龙教授She was very famous in treating infertility and other gynecological problems. She was then already 65 years old and was willing to impart her knowledge to me as she was about to retire from her post in Chuan Zhou Hospital (泉州中医院). In this hospital, Chinese physicians are allowed to carry out small operations such as abortion, blockages fallopian tube surgery (通输卵管手术), pap smear, simple fibroid surgery etc. I had learned a lot from her. At the end of the course, she gave me a few books and asked me to treasure and learn from it. But many of her experience could not be used in Singapore as we, Chinese physicians, are not allowed to give injections or carry out surgery of any kind. However, we can prescribe TCM medicine and teach couples who want to have baby to know when is best time to conceive baby and how to record temperatures etc.


Menstrual Pain, Fibroid and Endometriosis

In my clinic, I have seen many woman especially those around the mid 30s who tend to have problems such as menstrual pain (
经痛), fibroid in the uterus (子宫肌瘤) and endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症).  These women are usually not married or they are married with no children. During their menses, they had severe pain and need to take pain killer. Many of them told me that they had blood clots when they menstruate and the blood flow was heavy.

I recommend them to take TCM herbal medicine for 5~6 months.  These women who have menstrual pain (经痛), fibroid in the uterus (子宫肌瘤) and endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症came back every month to take medicine and most of them told me that their menstrual flow was better, more regular and their menstrual pain was reduced. Some of these women who have menstrual pain (经痛), fibroid in the uterus (子宫肌瘤) and endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症) told me that they used to have headache before or after the menses but after taking the herbal medicine, their headache was gone. One of them told me that after jogging, she usually had headache. These women who had fibroid in the uterus, found that either the fibroid was reduced in size or did not grow bigger.  Some of them told me that they had gone for operation to remove the fibroid in the uterus but after 3~4 years, new fibroid grew again.  They went for a second operation to remove the fibroid.  After the second round of operation, they decided to seek TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment. 

Many women who have menstrual pain (经痛), fibroid in the uterus (子宫肌瘤) and endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症) did not know that these issues cannot be resolved by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods.  We have a few TCM physicians who are proficient in these areas.

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