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TCM cure Back pain ( Lumbo-sacral Spondylosis) 
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                           Heat treatment and Acupuncture 

                                             Back pain ( Lumbo-sacral Spondylosis)  

I have treated many patients with back pain ( lumbo-sacral spondylosis). Some of them had pain running down one side of their legs. I treated them with acupuncture, herbal plastering and Chinese herbal medicine. Many cases with severe pain got well after a few treatments. Some of them were scheduled to go for surgery but  got well after the treatment and thus avoiding the trauma of  a surgery . I treat them with a combination of the following: cupping, acupuncture, herbal plastering and Chinese herbal medicine. You may like to ask how many times a person needs to have treatment or how long it takes to get well? My answer is: some of them need two sessions while the others need as many as 10 sessions. Very often it depends on the severity of the case, the age of the patients, the duration of the illness and whether the patients have other conditions. Therefore it varies from case to case, individual to individual 因人而异

It is not uncommon for many people whether they are young or old to suffer from back pain and neck pain. These days many people have to work on the computer for long hours. I have patients who are as young as 18 years old and as old as 80 years old. Everyday I see patients with back problem. 

The cause of back pain is often due to the following reasons:-
-  Degeneration of the inter-vertebral discs 颈椎退化;
- Narrowing of dics space resulted in nerve being pressed 椎间盘狭窄压迫神经;
-  Osteophytes pressing on the nerve roots 骨刺增生压迫神经;
Symptoms include pain and restriction of movement 症状: 疼痛与活动不利.
Lumbo-sacral Spondylosis often affects L3,L4,L5/S1 while Cervical Spondylosis often affects C3, C4, C5, C6.

I often advise patients who suffer back pain or neck pain (cervical spondylosis) to refrain from carry heavy things during the period.



Pain after Surgical Operation for Lumbar Spondylosis

On June 2011, a nun, age 65, who suffered very bad back pain, came to see me. She had a lumbar operation two years back.  After the operation, she was better, the pain is gone.  For about 2 weeks, she had very bad pain on her lumbar and she could not even walk properly. Her colleague was so helpful that she accompanied her to my clinic. I looked at her X-ray, quite a few bars were placed in her vertebrae.  I gave her acupuncture, heat treatment, herbal plastering and Chinese herbal medicine. I told her to come for treatment every 3 days. She felt better after the 2nd week.  She could walk properly and without pain after the 3rd week.  

For those who wish to consult a western trained orthopaedic doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Razmi of Centre for Spine and Orthopaedic Surgery at #05-13, Gleneagles Medical Centre,Tel: 67382628. He is a senior consultant and a orthopaedic surgeon. He is a very good doctor of high integrity.

Contact: Dr. Ong Swee Ling  Ph.D of Medicine (TCM)
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