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TCM Physician TCM Clinic Treatment for Toes Infection and Amputation

TCM Physician TCM Clinic Treatment for Toes Infection and Amputation

A Caucasian man from Australia, age 69, came to see me for his infection in his toes.  He said he had no diabetes but somehow his toes on both his legs were infected. In order to save his legs, doctors at a hospital advised him to go for amputation. Everything went well after the amputation. Two of his toes on both legs were amputated. There were no more infection on his legs and he could walk without pain. 

However, after 1 to 2 years, both his big toes slowly crossed over his other toes and became crooked but he still could walk. Unfortunately, both big toes were infected again. This time the infection was very serious.  His big toes were badly swollen and when he walked it was very painful. Again doctors from the same hospital suggested amputation. This time he was hesitant and wished to seek alternative medicine. He asked his friends if any one could introduce a good Chinese physician to him.


When he came to see me, he said he felt very painful when he walked and could not walk too far.  Both his big toes were reddish and very swollen. The nails of his big toes did not look healthy too.  I told him it could get well in one to two months time if he were to come for acupuncture and take oral Chinese medication as prescribed.

After one month, the swelling and infection were gone. The wound on both sides of his big toes were healed. Also his nails look healthy again. He could walk without pain and was very happy that he did not have to go for amputation.



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