Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TCM Clinic TCM Physician Treatment for Ear Infections with Acupuncture and Natural Chinese Herbs

TCM  Clinic TCM Physician Treatment for Ear Infections with  Acupuncture and Natural Chinese Herb耳朵脓疮

One girl, age, 26, likes to wear ear rings on her ear, around the helix. One day, she found that left ear was swollen.  Her ear was swollen with pus.  So, she went to see a general practitioner, He did an insertion for her and also prescribed anti-biotic medicine for her.  The swelling of her ear subsided.  But after a few days, the ear was swollen again.  She went to the same doctor, he suggested to do another insertion again. Again few days later, her ear swelled again.  This time, she decided to come see a TCM physician.  She was introduced to see me. I did several acupuncture treatments and prescribed some herbal medicine for her. The swelling was gone after one month (unfortunately the insertion scars were still there).

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