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TCM Clinic Physician Treat Persistent Cough and Asthma

TCM Clinic Physician Treat Persistent Cough and Asthma

Flu & cough is the most common illness afflicting mankind. Every once in a while, we come down with flu followed by cough. Most people get well within 4-10 days. But many do not get well for months and have persistent cough. TCM calls it “100-day cough” “百日咳”. 

In my clinic, young mothers especially will bring their children to see me for their cough. They feel that Chinese medicine is natural and is better for their children and has less side effects. Also they do not want their children to take too many antibiotic. Many adults, including working adults, also come to see me as they complain that the Western medicine makes them drowsy, sometimes lethargic. Most of them cannot claim reimbursement from their company and pay from their own pockets.  They believe that Chinese medicine are made from natural herbs and have little or no side effects.

Some of these people who come to see me have already seen their company doctors or specialists but could not get well.  They may have taken three rounds of antibiotic or steroid and could not get well. So as a last resort, they try Chinese medicine.

How do I treat cough?
For young children, they normally have persistent cough or recurrent cough. The cough comes and goes. Some of these children also have bronchitis and asthma. They often have to rely on nasal spray “Ventolin” whenever they do not breathe well. Some of them rely on nasal spray everyday until the cough or asthma subsides. These children usually do not eat well or take a much longer time to finish their meals.  They are normally not keen on meals but keen on tit-bits like chocolates, biscuits, French fries and ice cream etc. I would suggest to their mothers that the children come for one course (10 sessions) of children therapeutic massage. They can come every three days or if they do not have time, at least come once a week.  I observe that these children like the massage; some of them even request their mother to bring them more often (of course, during the massage session, they are given some toys to play). The mothers (sometimes the grandmothers) of these children always tell me that after a few rounds of massage, their children eat better and are healthier and do not fall sick so often.

Some of the adults who see me may have asthma besides cough; they tell me that they tend to cough in cold environment such as air-con room and middle of the night around 3 pm to 4 pm. Some of them tell me that they have chest congestion and have muscle ache below the chest area. Some of these adults have a history of asthma while some develop asthma in recent years. I will suggest that they do scrapping (刮痧) and acupuncture besides taking the Chinese medicine. Very often, their “Sha” is very red. That means they have a lot of heat in their body.  During the acupuncture session, I will ask them to do breathing exercise off and on for about 20 minutes. I tell them that they may have phlegm in their lungs even though they do not cough out phlegm.  I need to lubricate their lungs and clear their phlegm. Besides all these, I also give them some medicine to strengthen their lungs as they have been coughing for quite some time. Very often, they come back to tell me that they are better and cough less often.

There are also quite many young adults from the army (doing national service). They have seen the army medical doctors and could not get well. They have persistent cough that does not seem to go away for weeks. Many of them have not experienced acupuncture, but in order to get well, they try acupuncture.

Attached are pictures of the inhalers they use: 

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