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TCM Doctor Physician Treat Constipation for Adults and Young Children

TCM Doctor Physician Treat Constipation for Adults and Young Children


                                         AFTER CHILD THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE

Many patients  come to see me complaining of constant constipation. They say that they always have to rely on Western medicine such as "senokot" or "latolose" in order to move their bowels.  After examining them, they usually have reflux or gastric problem. Some of them have breathing problem as well. They even need to take deep breath in order to feel better. I told them that basically , the function of their digestion system is not good; when the stomach is bloated with gas, it will push up the diaphragm, the lung and the heart. Some of them had mistaken that they have heart problem and went to consult cardiologists.

There is a woman whom I have treated. She is about 45 yrs old and has chronic constipation. She said she has no urge to move her bowels at all every day for the past few months. She had to take laxative every day. She also had breathing problem. She needed to take a deep breath every now and then. After a few sessions of acupuncture and herbal prescription, her constipation and breathing problem improve and got well.

We TCM feel that the root cause is the gas in the stomach. With cupping, acupuncture and scrapping (刮痧) and herbal medication to help them on their digestion and bowel movement, constipation sufferers can get well in 5 sessions or about one month (for those without real heart problem).

To many people, constipation is not a big problem. But some have constant constipation problem.  They need to take a lot of fruits and water, sometimes laxative to help to move bowels.

Clinically, I have seen many patients (including young children) who have constipation problem.  Some move their bowels only once a week. Some feel that they suffer no discomforts (they can work as usual), while some feel that the whole day is spoilt or they become very tense.

For young kids, if they have constipation problem, I would recommend child therapeutic massage  together with some medication to help them on their digestion. Very often, after 10 sessions of child therapeutic massage, they can move bowel naturally.

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