Tuesday, 1 October 2013

TCM Acupuncture for Obesity, Slimming and Acupuncture 针灸减肥

TCM Acupuncture for Obesity & Slimming 针灸减肥

An elderly lady, age 65, told me that she wanted to reduce her weight. She complained of having hypertension, ache and pain. She felt that she had water retention and often had back pain.  She could not squat because of her knee pain. She said her family doctor asked her to reduce weight so that her upper body would not add pressure to her knee.  So, she decided to come for weight management. She was obese and weighed about 92 kgs. She said to me that she wanted to reduce weight not because she wanted to be beautiful but to stay healthy.

I told her that the whole process of TCM weight management can improve her general health condition. And in order to reduce her weight, she had to do some exercise in the morning. She must avoid taking supper often and should not take some food especially oily foods and soft drinks. She also must have patience to come continuously every week. I also mentioned to her that she had to come twice a week, 8 sessions a month. The cost of 8 sessions was $340. If she wished she could also have “mud” treatment to reduce cellulite which was $40 per session. She could opt to continue for another two to three months if she found the treatment effective. I normally will charge on a monthly basis as when the patients find improvement, they will want to continue for another month.  
Each session consists of acupuncture, ultraviolet treatment, wrapping of elastic bandages and application of special lotion to reduce cellulite. Inclusive in the $340 package, there will be one session of whole body massage which is 20 minutes. The whole process will take about one and a half hour.
She came for one month losing about 4 kgs and continued for another two months with us. She had one session of “mud” treatment every month paying $40 in addition to the package. She told me that she had slimmed down about 13 ~14 kgs and felt that her body was lighter and did not feel as tired as before. She also said that she felt healthier and could squat better and had less ache and pain.

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