Friday, 8 July 2016

TCM Physician Doctor Treatment for Women’s White and Yellow Discharge

TCM Physician Doctor Treatment for Women’s White and Yellow Discharge

A 36 year-old woman came to consult me. She said she came to see me for her white discharge last year, had taken herbal medicine and was cured. This time the white discharge was worse than last year. She told me she has a boy friend. They have intimacy sometimes.  She said she had consulted her gynecologist and was given medicine to be inserted into her vagina. It was alright for sometime but after a while it ceases to be effective. 

She has been having the white discharge for a few months. Sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less, but it never seemed to go off. Lately, the discharge became yellow in colour and it smelled too. She said she wanted a cure as it was very disturbing.  I prescribed herbal medicine for her and ask her not to drink too much cold drinks.

I understudied a TCM gynecologist in 泉州 in Fijian province (福建省) with two other classmates. Her name is 美教授She was introduced by my mentor 李金龙老师。She was a very well known gynecologist (妇科医生) in 泉州中医院。As she was then about to retire from her post due to her age and we were introduced by her best friend 李金龙老师, she was prepared to impart her skills to us unstintingly.

When I was learning at 泉州中医院, we were allowed to observe simple operation such as abortion. We also observed how they removed small cysts in Vagina.  The most impressive thing we learned was how to make a woman conceive. 

We observed how they took out a specimen of cervical mucus and put on a glass slide. It was then allowed to dry and view under microscope to look for a characteristic 'fern like' pattern "羊齿晶状体" in order to detect ovulation and fertility. When it was detected, she would then tell the couple to have sex (行房) that night. Her method was so accurate and the success rate of conception was so great.  We observed how they cleaned the vagina, to cure the discharge/inflammation of vagina.  I realized that there were so many women who had discharge. The discharge could be white colour, yellow colour, greenish or black colour. They could be odorless, smelly or very smelly. There were cases of yeast infection in the vagina.  Most of the women were young girls. Every morning she treated 34 to 36 women starting from 7.30am in the morning till 1pm. I was impressed as she was so fast and efficient.  

We were given a few books written by her on infertility. She gave us private lessens on women’s infertility and women’s discharge. We were taught what herbs are important when we prescribe Chinese medicine to increase the chances of pregnancy. 
During my stint, it was so difficult for us as three of us stayed in a small room in a small hotel. In that month, there were floods on the road and even the hospital compound was flooded.  Those who wanted to get into the hospital had to engage a trishaw rider (三轮车夫) to ferry them into the hospital.  
I learned from her for one full month together with my other TCM classmates 林碧珠医师, 蔡香凝医师。It was really an eye opener for us as we don't get to learn such practical experience in Singapore. We gained such knowledge and experience in China (泉州), but we are not qualified to do operation in Singapore.

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