Monday, 25 March 2013

TCM Clinic Physician Can Treat Uveitis, 葡萄膜炎, 眼色素层炎

TCM Clinic Physician Can Treat Uveitis, 葡萄膜炎, 眼色素层炎

Uveitis, 葡萄膜炎眼色素层炎
One 35 years-old lady, came to see me. She said she had Uveitis葡萄膜炎/眼色素层炎on her left eye for about 9 months.  She had seen various eye specialists and an OCT Image was carried out. It showed that the macular has slight edema.  The eye specialist prescribed Prednisolone acetate 1% and Nevanac 1mg/ml eye drops. She said she did not want to use steroid all the time and two of her Western doctors advised her to seek TCM treatments.
 She told me this is her forth round of occurrence. Each time Uveitis occurs, her left eye could not see words clearly.  Gradually her left eye was so blur that she could not even read the headlines in the newspapers.
This time the blur vision happened one week ago and she had been using steroid eye drops since the occurrence. I let her read the Amsler chart; she found that some of the squares are blur whilst some are clearer. She took my medicine for about for two weeks and found that her vision improved.  She came back and told me that she wished to have another 20 days of medicine to prevent future occurrence.

A few months later, she came back to see me and told me that she came back from HongKong and her left eye became red again.  She went to see her eye specialist again and was told that this time she had red eye and not Uveitis.  She was prescribed anti-biotic eye drop and cravit levofloxacin 0.5%, Dexamethasone. She used it for a few days but her eye was still red.  She asked for Chinese herbs to help to clear the redness in her eyes as she believed that it was due to heat in her body.

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