TCM Treatment for Cancer- Liver, Breast, Prostate,Colon, Lung Cancer

TCM Treatment for Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Lung cancer, Stomach Cancer

TCM Treatment for Cancer by Dr.Ong Swee Ling of Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd, Tel: 62726400, 96635600. Dr. Ong Swee Ling has 20 years of clinical experience in treating cancer. She and a team of TCM doctors treat cancer with special prescription using Chinese natural herbs.

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Reasons Why Cancer Patients Seek TCM Treatment?

The current practice in treating cancer upon diagnosis is to go for surgery followed by Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) accepts this approach but recommends that it should be followed up with TCM Chinese herbal medicine jointly with or after chemotherapy/radiotherapy.  TCM Chinese medicine has the following benefits:-

1. Chemotherapy/radiotherapy may cause nausea, hair loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea/constipation, flatulence, drop in platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells count. Chinese medicine can help to reduce the side effects and thereby improve the recovery process by increasing immunity and resistance.

2. Chemotherapy/radiotherapy may affect the digestive system and reduce the blood reproduction ability. Chinese medicine can help to overcome such risks.

3. In the long term, regular consumption of TCM Chinese medicine improves the quality of life of the cancer patients and also reduce the chances of recurrence and increase the survival rate.

The conventional wisdom of western medicine in the past had been to treat cancer aggressively with chemo/radiotherapy. Over the years, it has been found that such aggressive treatment does not help to increase the survival rate but instead has led to a reduction in the quality of life and cause unnecessary suffering. According to some studies, it might lower the immunity and vitality of patients resulting in quicker death. 

The current emphasis by TCM is to increase the patients’ vitality, maintain the proper functioning of the organs, prevent the further spread of the cancer cells (稳定瘤体), reduce suffering and restore normality in daily life. In this way, though the cancer is not totally eliminated, the patients can continue to survive (达到 带瘤生存的效果).

In general, TCM Chinese medicine brings about a balance in “ying” and “yang”, vitality and the proper functioning of the vital organs 使身体阴阳气血脏腑功能趋于平衡.  TCM has a famous saying "正气内存, 邪不可干“ ,”已病治病,未病防治“。
In conclusion, combined western treatment with TCM Chinese medicine can achieve better quality of life and survival rate.

上海医科大学于尔辛教授认为当今肿瘤病应是综合治疗(即中西医结合), 不能单靠一种治疗方法他说中医治疗能改善患者的生存质量, 增强免疫功能,减少手术、电疗、化疗的副作用,避免复发和远处转移,提高患者的远期疗效与生存率。西医的电疗化疗是针对肿瘤本身,是局部;中医补益脾肾,考虑全身状况,从整体出发。通过培补患者的正气, 以促使机体阴阳气血脏腑功能趋于平衡中医西医, 扶正祛邪,各取所常,各得其所。他说晚期癌肿病人, 西医不能奏效, 中医乃能运用。病至后期,体虚更不可攻伐,伐则伤正,补益正气尤显重要。[成娬, 于尔辛教授中医药治疗肿瘤病的思路,上海中医药杂志1999(11):17] 


A Man Had Cancer Went for Seven Operations and Survived, A Miracle Man

In 2004, I conducted a talk in Bukit Batok East Community Centre. The topic of my talk was “癌症的先兆与中医对癌症的治疗”. One month later, a man who listened to the talk came to see me with all his medical records in my clinic. This man was 55 yrs then.  He told me that in year 1999 he had colon cancer. It had then spread to his bladder. Two years later, it spread to his liver. Again another two years later, it spread to his lung. Each time he went through an operation to remove his tumor and he had chemotherapy. Altogether, he went through six operations! 

He told me that he intended to take Chinese medicine from me to prevent cancer from coming back. He told me that he had seen another Chinese physician before. I prescribed Chinese Herbal for him. He said he preferred the brew type. He continued to take my medicine for five years, sometimes he drank the brew type, sometimes he toke the granule powder type. In addition, every three months to four months, he would buy from me Chinese wild ginseng 野山泡参, cordyceps 冬虫夏草and 石斛and pearl 珍珠粉 (all these are ground and mixed together). He continued to take Chinese medicine from our clinic until now. 

Last year, he came to see me again and told me that he had thyroid cancer. I advised him to go for the operation to have it removed. He went for the surgery and his left side of his thyroid was then removed. To-date, he is still very healthy. Lately, he came back and took some Chinese medicine and the Chinese wild ginseng mixture again. 

I asked him what was his secret to be able to survive having 6 types of cancer?

 He told me that his philosophy of life is to laugh and joke a lot. He believes that when a person is happy, the meridian in his body can flow well, then he can be healthy. Every time he came to my clinic, he would joke. He said that 阎罗王(God of Hell) does not want him, that is why he is still in this earth. When I told him I would like to take some pictures of him, he was just too willing.  Here are his pictures.  He also told me that his western doctors also took pictures of him. He has survived 11 years after his first cancer and after 7 times of operations. DON'T YOU THINK HE IS A MIRACLE MAN?  He is also a kind man. Whenever he met people who suffers from cancer, he would show them the scars in his body and also advised them to be optimistic, telling them that they also have a good chance to overcome the cancer. He has introduced at least 10 patients to me.

The following is a letter from the above patient:

Scars on his body --Colon Cancer,Liver Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer after 7 operations

Scars on his body --Colon Cancer,Liver Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer after seven operations

Scars on his body --Colon Cancer,Liver Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer





A Man with Liver Cancer Survived Longer than Expected

In May 2007, an 87 year old man was brought in by his son to see me. His son said that his father was suffering from liver cancer. The CT scan showed that there was a heterogeneously enhancing mass in segment 5 and 6 of the liver measuring 9.3 x 10.2 x 8.6 cm and was much larger compared to the previous scan on 18th June 2004 which measured only 2.6 x2.5 cm. The oncologist from Singapore General Hospital did not want to operate on him due to his old age and his heart condition and also his tumours are too big. He also said that his father had only six months to live and advised the family to let him eat whatever he wanted.

His son told me that his father had a very peculiar habit---he did not like to drink plain water. Every day he drank many cups of coffee with many spoons of sugar. He smoked from young and he also liked to eat crabs (when he ate crabs, he must have at least two crabs for himself). The family members did not want to stop him from all these eating habits because they believed that their father had only six months to live. So they let him eat whatever he wanted. This old man had no hypertension and no diabetes.

He was willing to take our TCM medicine because he felt that after taking our TCM  medicine, he could go toilet every day. He faithfully took our TCM Chinese medicine every month. On 23rd Nov 2007, six months after the last visit to SGH, the son brought him to see the oncologist for further check up. The oncologist was shocked to see him still looking good. They did a blood screening for him and found that his condition had improved. So he told the family to let him continue with the TCM Chinese medicine.

He continued to take my Chinese medicine faithfully. For one and half years, he still continued to smoke, drank coffee with sugar and ate crabs. He was able to bathe himself, walk, eat, sleep and lead an independent and normal life.

Unfortunately, in March 2009, his eldest son who was very close to him died. He was devastated. He grieved over his son's death and could not eat and sleep well. Thereafter, his health condition deteriorated. He could not control his urine and both his legs were swollen and his appetite was not good. I prescribed him some Chinese medicine to reduce his swelling. His swelling disappeared. He could eat but not a lot. Still, he smoked and drank coffee with lots of sugar and ate crabs. On May 2009, the son brought him to SGH again for check up. They told the oncologist that the old man complained of back pain, blood stains in his stool and his back had a big dark patch. The doctor prescribed some medicine for him.

His condition began to weaken day by day until June 2009. His family members took turn to look after him. Only at this stage, he began to stop smoking and drinking coffee with sugar. His appetite was not good and he was getting weaker. His daughter came to see me and told me that his father was very weak and requested me to see him in their house. I visited him in his house. He could recognize me. I saw that he was not in pain. He could not talk but able to use his hand to show gestures. Two days later, I heard that he passed away peacefully without suffering any pain.

He lived for two more years although his oncologist estimated that he had only six months to live. Strangely, although he took a lot of sugar, he had no diabetes even at the last stage.

His daughter said that if her elder brother had not died and if he had watched his diet, may be he would be able to survive longer.



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