TCM Child Therapeutic Massage for Poor Appetite Asthma Constipation

TCM Child Therapeutic Massage Poor Appetite Cough Asthma Flu Constipation 
小儿推拿 咳嗽 便秘

Where to go for TCM Child Massage? 那里有中医诊所进行小儿推拿?
Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd. 永康诊所有限公司,
Blk 78A, Telok Blangah St.32, #01-05, 
(off Henderson Road),
Singapore 101078,
Tel: 62726400
Mobile: 96635600 (For appointment TEXT ONLY)

What is Child Therapeutic Massage?
TCM Child tui na小儿推拿) is also called Child Therapeutic Massage.  TCM tui na (TCM massage) is a method using hand manipulation on various acupressure points of the body in order to build up a harmonious flow of "qi" (energy or vitality) on the body. The aim is to make the five main organs namely "” (heart, liver, lung, spleen and kidney) to function better and thus help the body to heal it self naturally.

Child therapeutic massage is good for children with colic pain (babies who cries a lot usually at night), cough & cold, poor appetite and recurrent fever.
The fee for a child therapeutic massage per session is S$22 to S$35.  It can start from as young as 3 months old to 12 yrs old. After a few sessions of child therapeutic massage, children normally grow healthier, eat better, having less coughs and fever. And for colic case, they can sleep better at night.

Child massage is particularly popular among young parents with infants and toddlers as it is non-invasive.  We observed children who came for massage do like therapeutic massage as it is quite comfortable. They are given some toys to play as well.

Some of them even request their parents to bring them for massage.  For cases such as cough and cold, when we asked them: "Do you feel you can breathe better after the massage?" Their answers are always "Yes".

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Toddlers with Constant Constipation, Cough, Asthma, Poor Appetite and Child Therapeutic Massage 小儿推拿

There are some babies who have constipation problems. These babies often have hard stools and sometimes have stomach pain. Because of difficulty in passing motion, they become fearful in moving bowels.  They try to hold back the motion whenever there is an urge, so they tend to pass motion only 2~3 days later. There are cases of babies moving their bowels only once a week. The stools get dried up in the intestines and become harden and more difficult to pass out.  Mothers are sometimes very worried and do not know how to resolve the problems. When these mothers come to me, I would explain to them that the peristalsis movements of the intestines are slow and the best way to improve the peristalsis movements is to give them “Child Therapeutic Massage 小儿推拿” and some herbal medicine to help to move and soften the stool. After 1 course (10 sessions) of “child massage”, they usually got well. 

Note: “Child massage” is an excellent and safe way to treat cases where young children have constant constipation, recurrent cough and poor appetite.  “Child massage” has no side effects and children like it.  Child massage involves massaging all the acupoints along the stomach and lung meridian. From our clinical experience, it is very effective.

Young Children with Constant Cough and Poor Appetite and “小儿推拿Child Massage”

There are many young children between the age of 2 to 4 who often have recurrent cough and poor appetite. Mothers often have to spend longer time feeding them, persuading them to eat more food. They are skinny and under weight. They easily fall sick and often have persistent swinging fever for a few days. Many mothers told me that their children have recurrent cough particularly after going to child care centers. I see many cases of young children who had frequent cough, stomach pain and poor appetite. After one to two courses  of “child massage”, they eat better and fall sick less often. One course is 10 sessions. Many kids like the massage. Some of them even request their mothers to bring them for massage.  They seem to enjoy the massage (of course, we gave them toys to play during the massage sessions.)
According to TCM theory, the organs of young kids are tender and have not fully developed (小孩脏腑娇嫩,稚阴稚阳,形气未充), therefore they are weaker than adults. After they reach 5 years old, they are usually better.

Note: “Child massage” is an excellent way to treat cases where young children have constant constipation, recurrent cough and poor appetite.  “Child massage” has no side effects and children like it.  Child massage involves massaging all the acupoints along the stomach and lung meridian.  It is very effective.

Kids Constipation

After Child Massage

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                                     If you unable to view the video, please log on to the link below:

Contact: Dr. Ong Swee Ling  Ph.D of Medicine (TCM)
Clinic address: Yong Kang Medical Hall Pte Ltd., 
Blk 78A, Telok Blangah St 32, 
Singapore 101078.
Tel: 62726400
Mobile: 96635600 (Text and Appointment only)



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Forty Types of illnesses/cases    
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4) Shingles (带状疱疹), Herpes Zoster, Postherpetic Neuralgia (带状疱疹神经痛);
5) Acne, pimples (痤疮), rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis (脂溢性皮炎;
6) Psoriasis (银屑病);
7) Hair Loss (脱发), Alopecia Areata (鬼剃头), Baldness (光秃);
8) Weight management ( 体重管理 ), Obesity ( 肥胖 ), Slimming (减肥);
9) Retinitis Pigmentosa RP (视网膜色素变性), Night Blindness (夜盲症), 
           Age-related Macular Degeneration AMD (老年性视网膜病变), 
           Retinal Degeneration (视网膜退化病变);
     10)  Glaucoma (青光眼), Cataract (白内障), Dropping Eye Lids (眼睑下垂);
     11)  Dry Eyes (干眼症), Itchy Eyes (眼痒症) , Eye Discharge (眼屎);
     12) Gastritis (胃炎), Bloatedness (胃胀), Flatulence (胀气);
     13)  Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS (过敏性肠综合症);
     14)  Infertility (不孕不育) , Menstrual Pain (经痛), Irregular Menstruation (月经不调), Amenorrhea (闭经);
 15)  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS (多囊卵巢综合症), Cervical Polyps (宫颈息肉),
             Endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症),Fibroids (子宫肌瘤;)
     16)  Cancer (肿瘤癌症)- Lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, nose cancer, 
            breast cancer, womb cancer, ovary cancer, stomach cancer;
      17)  Sprain and Injuries (铁打损伤);
      18)  Back Pain (Lumbo-Sacral Spondylosis)(腰痛,椎间盘压迫症), 
      Neck Pain (Cervical Spondylosis)(颈项痛颈椎病);
      19)  Knee Pain (膝盖痛), Swollen Knee (膝盖肿痛);
      20)  Child Therapeutic Massage (小儿推拿), Persistent Cough (久咳);
      21)  Poor appetite (胃纳不佳) for Adults and Children;
      22)  Asthma ( 哮喘 ), Sinusitis (鼻窦炎 ), Rhinitis (鼻炎), Breathing Difficulties  (呼吸困难);
      23)  Rheumatoid Arthritis (类风湿关节炎), Osteoarthritis (骨性关节炎), Arthritis (关节炎);
      24)  Constipation (便秘) for Adults and Children;
      25)  Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Diabetes (糖尿病);
      26)  Hypertension (高血压);
      27)  Urinary Infection (尿道感染), Frequency of Urine (尿频);
      28)  Insomnia (不寐 ), Anxiety (焦虑), Depression (忧郁症);
      29)  Goiter (瘿瘤), Hyperthyroidism (甲状腺亢进), Hypothyroidism (甲状腺低下 ).

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