Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Singapore TCM Doctor Improved Liver Function AST and ALT

TCM Improved Liver Function (AST and ALT)

A lady, age 65 came to see me on 11th Feb,2017. She wanted me to prescribe some herbal medicine to improve her liver function.  

She said she was a hepatitis B carrier.  She got her blood test on 9th Feb 2017.  The blood test showed that her AST was 49 (normal range is 10-30 U/L) and ALT was 63 (normal range is 10-36 U/L). This means that her liver function was not in the acceptable healthy range.  She also mentioned that Western doctor did not give her any medication to take and asked her to come back for a review after three months. As was concerned that her liver may harden over time, she came to see me to improve her liver function.

During the consultation, she shared that her heart was beating a bit faster than usual and her hands and legs were often cold. Sometimes she felt that her left chest had sudden pulling pain. Her weight has gone down from 46 kg to 43 kg. She also mentioned that she had hypertension since two years ago. She asked for one month herbal medicine.

She came back on 11th March 2017 and said that her heart rate had normalized.  She felt more clam and less anxious.  She also reported that the pulling pain on her left chest had disappeared.

On 9th May,2017, she went back for her medical review and her blood test showed that her AST was 46 and ALT was 54, meaning that her liver function was improving. The doctor said that her liver was not worsening, therefore, did not give her any medication.  

She came back to see me on 23 May 2017, she did not feel any discomfort and seemed to be more relax. She asked for another one month of herbal medication to maintain her health.

Attached herewith are her blood test results (for confidentiality, her name and particulars were cropped)

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