Monday, 9 July 2012

How TCM Cure Toddlers who has Constant Constipation with “Child Massage 小儿推拿”

Toddlers with Constant Constipation and “小儿推拿Child Massage”
There are some babies who have constipation problems. These babies often have hard stools and sometimes have stomach pain. Because of difficulty in passing motion, they become fearful in moving bowels.  They try to hold back the motion whenever there is an urge, so they tend to pass motion only 2~3 days later. There are cases of babies moving their bowels only once a week. The stools get dried up in the intestines and become harden and more difficult to pass out.  Mothers are sometimes very worried and do not know how to resolve the problems. 

When these mothers come to me, I would explain to them that the peristalsis movements of the intestines are slow and the best way to improve the peristalsis movements is to give them “child massage 小儿推拿” and some herbal medicine to help to move and soften the stool. After 1 course (10 sessions) of “child massage”, they usually got well. 

Note: “Child massage” is an excellent and safe way to treat cases where young children have constant constipation, recurrent cough and poor appetite.  “Child massage” has no side effects and children like it.  Child massage involves  massaging all the acupoints along the stomach and lung meridian. From clinical experience, it is very effective.

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