Friday, 17 February 2012

TCM Physician Treat Asthma and Recovered

A 43 year-old man came to see for asthma. He told me that his asthma occurred when he was 29 years old. He said when he was 25 years old, he often went fishing with friends. Every time he went fishing, he would bring along cooling drinks which were pre-frozen. During the trips, he would drink the ice-cold cooling drinks. He said he especially enjoyed drinking the ice-cold drinks on a very hot day. To quote his words: “喝了很爽!”. He also smoked and drank alcohol often. He added that his job was to roast ducks every day and so he always drank cooling water with ice. When he was 28 years old, he had chicken pox and was told to drink “ling yang (羚羊). He continued to drink ”ling yang” even after his chicken box healed as he thought that his body was “heaty”. Subsequently, he coughed for more than 100 days and not long later, he had asthma attacks. The attacks were not very severe initially and he continued as usual. He said he did not have asthma when he was young. He now realized it could be this kind of habits that resulted in the occurrence of asthma.

He had asthma off and on for the last 14 years.  He had been seeing western doctors and was prescribed “Ventolin”  etc.  Every night at 3 ~ 5 am, he would wake up and cough, then followed with wheezing sound in the lungs. He became worried about his condition and so decided to stop smoking and drinking. 

Lately, his condition worsened. Whenever he blew his nose to push out the mucus, he would feel that his ears were blocked and when he walked he could not balance his body very well. Also his nose become insensitive and lost his sense of smell. He then went to the ENT department of Singapore General Hospital to check his ear/nose and was told that the mucus went into his ears. He needed to use western medicine “Ventolin” day and night.  He also realized that he could not eat fruits that were too cooling or too “heaty”. Moreover, when the weather was cold, he could not breathe very well.

He had been seeing western doctors all these years. Lately, he was advised to see TCM physicians. He was introduced to see me through his friend. I told him that besides taking Chinese herbal medicine, he needed to have at least one courses of acupuncture treatments (one course means 10 sessions). He felt better after the first few treatments. So he faithfully came for treatment every 3 ~ 4 days. I told him my medicine was to clear his phlegm in his lungs, strengthen his spleen and lungs, make the “qi” in his lung flow better, so that the “qi” would not stagnate in the lung (we TCM called ”宣发肺气”).  I also did scrapping “gua sha (刮痧)” for him, because the “heat” was trapped for too long in his lungs and could not get out. He could smell, breathe and less asthma attacks after one month. His ears were also better.

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