Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Acupuncture Cure Drooping Eyelids 眼睑下垂

Drooping eyelids 眼睑下垂

1) A 53 yr-old lady came one day, telling me that her right eyelid drooped for about a month. Her left eyelid was also partly drooped. Because both her eyes were drooped, when she walked she had to hold one of her eye lids in order to see the road. She was accompanied by her husband as she dared not walk on her own. She told me that she was doing administration work and her work required her to work on the computer for at least 8 hours a day.

I looked at her eyes. Both the eyes look tired and dull. This is what TCM calls “五脏六腑的精气皆上注于眼”. She also said she felt tired easily. I told her to take two weeks off from her work. I treated her with acupuncture and gave her some herbal Chinese medicine. After four treatments, she was able to open both her eyes slowly. She came for treatment every three days. After 8 treatments, both her eyes were able to open fully. Of course, she was delighted and relieved. She was still very worried that her eyes may relapse again because when she got back to work, she still had to look at computer for long hours.
Attached are her pictures. Pictures are cropped so that her identity is not revealed.


2) Five years ago, one elderly man, age 65 came to see me. His right eyelid was drooped for about six months. He was introduced by his friend to see me. He said his Western doctor told him to wait for six months and his eyelid would open up by itself. So he patiently waited for six months but his right eyelid still drooped.
I looked at his right eye, his eye looked tired and dull. This is what TCM calls “五脏六腑的精气皆上注于眼”. I treated him with acupuncture and some Chinese herbal medicine. Strangely, after three acupuncture sessions, his right eye was able to slowly open up. Two weeks later, his right eye was fully opened.
Attached are his pictures. Pictures are cropped so that his face is not fully revealed. For this case, I did not take his picture when his right eyelid was fully drooped. I took his pictures only when his eye was half opened and fully opened.

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